Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zero Punctuation

Today we talk about Zero Punctuation. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw is the cantankerous genius behind this. He's a delightfully snarky Brit who treats us each week to a rapid fire, honest (bitchy), unbiased (except for his own biases), and hilarious video game review. On top of all that, it's set to funny animated video, making the jokes all the better. It's an innovative means of reviewing, and suits the video game genre beautifully.

I find Yahtzee's candor quite refreshing. He hits the nail on the head when he points out the shortcomings of games. I've seen it from all angles. I watched reviews of games I've played, and he was dead on. I've played games after watching his reviews, and found they were just as we said. I even asked a friend to describe a game to me (MOH Airborne), and proceeded to crack up as Yahtzee hilariously highlighted everything my friend had complained about.

Zero Punctuation is hosted by The Escapist. To be honest, I was introduced to this site with ZP and I haven't really looked at the rest of the site yet. It looks like a pretty neat collection of game related reviews, news, videos, etc. I'll check it out and get back to you on it later.

P.S. Yahtzee makes some interesting games too. More on that tomorrow.

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